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Organic Basic Food LLC is one of the best organic foods and specialty markets dedicated to serving all-natural products and providing simple and healthy alternatives for a better life.

Organic Basic Food LLC was first established in Hoboken, New Jersey by Mr. and Mrs. An with a passion and dreams for a healthier lifestyle.

Now their son, Eric, a food science graduate and specialist in natural foods, manages Organic Basic Food LLC, keeping with Mr. and Mrs. An’s tradition.

The An family has been serving the local health-conscious community since 1995. They will continue to share and promote healthier lifestyles for a better life around the world.

Eric An

Healthy Organic Market Mission Statement

To be the best health and wellness global brand in the world by researching, creating, and developing exclusive health product for all demographics.

To promote an organic lifestyle online and offline, where people can have healthier and happier experience.

To continue researching, developing, and providing premium quality products and to maintain the high level of integrity and reliability Organic Basic Food is known for.

To be recognized as the go-to authority in organic and natural products both online and offline.

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